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Mar 13, 2024
Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 2016 Leaf and noticed the Radio reception was very poor, verging on non existent. On DAB, all channels would drop intermittently and constantly, even when stationary. FM was non existent for any channel even though a car on the drive next to me worked fine.
I purchased a upgraded DAB Aerial and although this improved the situation slightly it did not fix it and with the new aerial I could then get 1 FM station.
I ran the self test diagnostics and it shows a Control Unit error relating to the DAB Antenna. I don't think is is related to the antenna as the car's radio performance is the same with or without the aerial attached.
Does anyone know if this is a control unit error and can if be fixed or does it need replacing?



With the vehicle on, hit the Map/Voice button 3 times, then the power button twice and then the Map/Voice button once more. It will then give the option on the screen to run self diagnostics.
Hi all,

Just for info. The aerial base unit had become very corroded and had failed. I tried cleaning it with contact/electrical cleaner to no avail. I replaced it with a salvage item and now all working again.