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I've purchased my LeafSpy Pro from amazon app store many years ago. What a mistake! It seems that developers forgot to update de amazon version several times over the past 2 years. Now even worse... my phone software was updated to Android 14 and the LeafSpy apk is not even compatible with my phone anymore.
I'm very disappointed with this service.
My old phone app had 4000kWh recorded as used through leafspy just to make an ideea how often i used this app in the past.
Still no updates and no app available for my galaxy S22 ... 😢
I tested my dongle today together with leadspy pro Version 0.53.191 on my galaxy 10 (Android 12) together with a Blue tooth dongle from amazon : "Vgate Icar Pro BLE 4.0" and after pairing with Blue tooth for about 28 seconds everything was fine and i am now trying to collect the data into my Dropbox server. Tips are allways welcome. It read SOC 13mv , SOC 51.2 % , 232 GIDs, SOH 88.99% and Hx= 87.5%, odo= 93.995 km and finally 22 Qc`s and 1360 L1/L2 charges. The Leaf dates from November 2019 and has foot powered handbreak. With Government support i paid 13k Euros for it. At least now i know how to check the car.:=)) The dongle did cost around 30 euros. Btway the dongle reconnected automatically after power of power down the Leaf .