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May 6, 2017
Is there a copy of the LeafSpy help screen online somewhere? It would be nice to be able to read the help file on my laptop while using the Service screen on LeafSpy.
I have emailed for the PDF and the response I get is that he has already sent me one. But--I have no idea where it is. Is it sent to my email? If so, I never got it, but Jim won't send it again, and just tells me that he already sent it to me.
Have you looked at the help file on the app?
It identifies the file's location in your phone's memory.

Can you just go to that location, and download that file from the phone to the computer?
I did get him to email me a current version. I also did find the previous one, from 2016, which has a bit more than 1/3 the information as the current version.
Would there be an issue with posting a version of that "user-guide", here? Presumably, the value/profitability-element is buying the App itself...'not its instructructions<?>

Has anyone inquired about that option?