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Nov 1, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT
Hey all,
Still new around here but have been stalking the threads for a week or two now. I know that LeafSpy Pro is new to iOS and adapters may work, may not. The main difference is that you will need a WiFi adapter and not a bluetooth like the Android counterpart. You generally have to unplug and plug them in, power them on and power them off, make and adapter so you're not constantly removing the adapter and possibly damaging the pins on the OBDII port.

I purchased one off eBay and tested it out today and it worked great. It supports the CAN protocol. It has an automatic shut off after 30 minutes and is compact enough to be out of sight. It also has a button that you can manually use to turn it off and the most important part, it works with the app.

I am including the link to where I purchased mine but you may be able to find one cheaper.
Most people just leave the adapter in the plug. The main thing is to get an adapter that stays out of the way of your legs so you do not jar it and damage the plug. The battery drain leaving the adapter on is minimal. The only time you need to remove adapter is when you take car to dealer for service..
I don't leave it in the plug. I have an extension cable that I use to extend the plug elsewhere and provide a sturdy port to plug and unplug it from without stressing the car's port.

When it's active, anyone can come by, scan for devices, and guess the highly secure PIN "1234" to pair with the device, then they have unrestricted access to the car bus. I might as well just leave my keys by the car. You may think I'm being paranoid, but remember that you are giving out bluetooth access to the same port that a dealership would use to reprogram your key fob. There are enough issues with people being able to take over control of car electronics without leaving a wide open invitation.