Leaking master Brake Cylinder Replacement / Transplant

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Feb 26, 2024
I have a 2011 LEAF with the dreaded master cylinder leak. Probably my fault, because I never had the brake system flushed. I’ve read all the horror stories about repair prices.

I have a simple question – if I get a rebuilt master cylinder why can’t I disable all electrical power, remove the master cylinder, and put a rebuilt/ salvaged cylinder on the actuator assembly?

Some folks have said that it is a single unit. But I have seen at least one video of a fellow who had the actuator separated from the master cylinder.

Has anyone tried this? TIA
My 72 has the exact leak that yours shows, so im guessing i need to do the exact same thing. By the way, very very nice engine bay.

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Personally, I doubt the reason your master cylinder is leaking is related to not flushing it. Some of them do leak, as has been reported here.
Had to have ours replaced on our 2017 last year.

I can't comment on if they can be separated, but that would be a good solution. I do know that the electronic component is serialized to the car, and has to be programmed at the dealer. I'm not completely certain on this, but the dealer told me the part can only be programmed once, to one car. Allegedly, after it's been paired to a car, it can't be paired to a different car. The car will also be inop until the master cylinder is programmed.

I got lucky enough to find a new in box one on ebay for $770. Had my independent shop install it, and then towed to the dealer to be programmed. All in, I think the job was about 1/4 what the dealer would have charged.