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Oct 11, 2011
We have been driving Leafs since 2011. 3 years with a leased SL that came with a Blink EVSE. Leased a new 2014 at $99/month for 3 years, then bought it. Bought a 2013 lease return in 2015. Leased a new 2020 SV+ in 2021.

The 2013 is still going strong, our son and his fiance have it. We bought the 2020 from Nissan in 2022 and sold it to friends as a second car to their Tesla, for $5,000 more than the buyout price. We replaced the 2020 with a used Tesla because the public charging infrastructure, even on the EV friendly West Coast, was abysmal and likely to get worse for Leafs.

We planned to keep the 2014 until it died. It has over 90,000 miles and still shows 12 bars. However, on Wednesday, a 22 year old backed a huge crew cab pickup into it in a parking lot damaging the front corner and preventing the driver's door from opening. My wife, who was driving, was not injured, but she had to crawl out the passenger door. The car will probably be totaled.

All of our Leafs have been great cars. In over 200,000 miles of driving, our first generation ones have never needed repairs. The only expenses have been tires, 12 volt batteries and other consumables. I came close to being stranded only once, when the 12 volt battery was dying and I got an erroneous error message. They have been great cars. The 2020 would have been a good trip lot car if the public charging were as good as it is for Teslas.

The replacement for our crunched car won't be a Nissan. Nissan, by refusing to provide a CCS or NACS adapter or retrofit, has extended a corporate middle finger to Leaf owners. I will never buy another Nissan product. We are looking at used Bolts.

Right now, I can charge my Tesla at any CCS charger as well as at Tesla Superchargers. In a few years, any EV, except Leafs should be able to charge at any public charger. There might be a CCS to Chademo adapter approved by Nissan, but I wouldn't count on it.