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Greetings all,
Been a long time since I last posted, and that's mostly because I have been very content with my 2014 over these past 3 years and have come to understand and accept the car's limitations and quirks. I write "mostly", because there is one thing that I would like to improve if possible that would go a long way to making it better conform to my location/conditions and needs much better than it does now.

I live in a remote Alaskan community where the snow can get deep, and the roads are more often than not dirt and gravel. The low ground clearance can be very limiting, and I would like to get a bit more if I could. I know one other post has been made on this forum asking similar questions, but I haven't seen where it was resolved. So... I'm planning to get 205 65 16 tires to give myself an extra 0.75 inches of height, but what about lifting the suspension? To my knowledge, there is only one company that makes a kit for the LEAF... "Spaccer" out of Germany. Have any of you good folks tried this out, and if so, with what success? Are there other products out there for lifting the suspension that I am not aware of?

Let me know what you know if anything, and thanks as always.
Following- we just ordered a lift kit for our 4wd Juke and it MAY cross over to the Leaf, in which case we will lift the Leaf also. Dirt roads and snow.....
many of the roads i have to drive on everyday to get to work aren't aren't plowed. Fresh (soft) snow is no problem - it's when the snow melts a little and re-freezes. Large clumps of ice have pretty much chewed up my underside. I've had to replace the front bumper twice, and have to do it again. I was thinking about getting a RAV 4, but I really like my Leaf...if there was an easy way to lift it, or a kit, or parts from a another nissan that I could swap in to lift it, I'd do it. Really just seeing if anyone has done this or has any info.

Thanks for the replies everyone
I bought 2" kit on ebay. It was super easy to install with minimal specialty tools required. Not sure how it has affected alignment but I don't necessarily care about that since my Leaf is now offroad only. I did have to cut corner off the front bumper and back side of the front fender so the 27 X 9 tires wouldn't rub when I turn.

Here's the kit I bought


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LOL, I guess if someone can lift an AMC Pacer, then a LEAF is fair game...

Thanks! This picture made me burst out laughing. I needed that.