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Jan 4, 2024
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post. I am looking to buy a 2019 with 66k miles at a great price. Other than the higher mileage, the car looks perfect and has the LS trim. I bought the OBD2 device and Leafspy app and did the scan. Below is the result. Based on what I have found googling the SOH at 86% is OK for 66k miles. However, there is a a block of cells 20-50 that are lower than the rest, with 108mV gap between MIN and MAX. The scan was taken without driving the vehicle, just started it and scanned it. I am wondering if the bars will balance out with driving?? I also noticed that the mileage is different than the dash, but I found out later that the Leafspy app needs to be set to CANbus for the numbers to match, which is was not. Is this correct? Why would the OBD show such a big gap?

This vehicle will mainly be for shorter travel, 20-30 miles per day. Based on the scan and distance needs do I have any concerns? Any advice is appreciated.


I have driven a Prius in the past in a past work and have fallen head over heels for getting 50mpgs (both for the climate and my wallet). My purchasing choice is different on the grounds that I don't live in the US. I live in Costa Rica, where vehicles are around 40% more costly than in the US and gas is about $4.35 a gallon (tropical heaven, isn't that so?).

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Given that the 40kwh batteries are proving distressingly prone to developing bad cells as they age, I'd pass on the car. The problem isn't range loss, so much as the possibility that the car could possibly strand you if those cells actually go bad. The more benign possibility is that that group of cells was replaced under warranty, but the dealer didn't charge and balance them before installing them in the car. That usually results in higher reading for the new cells, though, not lower.