M6 Charging Capacity J14 to J18?

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Apr 9, 2016
I have driven Leafs since early 2016. As EVs have become more commonplace there has been some improvement in provision of charging capacity at motorway service stations, but after seeing queues and frayed tempers too often I now drive a diesel on long journeys that are time sensitive, or at weekends/bank holidays. Yesterday (Wednesday, but pre-Christmas) I travelled from Cheshire to Great Haywood in Stafford, a round trip of just over 100 miles. I reckoned I could do the whole trip on a single charge, and in the end I did (arriving home on a LBW). But the point of this post is that I stopped at every service station on the way up the M6 for a 10 minute 'comfort' charge and did not find a single free charger. Is this typical of other people's experience on this stretch of the M6 (J14 to J18 northbound)?