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Oct 6, 2019
Sometimes my mp3 player will remember the last track and spot that it was at. Other times it starts playing completely from the beginning. I've tried using different sticks, same thing.
2017 SV w nav.
I stopped using USB flashdrives for playing my MP3 files in my car because the Leaf's Digital Music Player is not that good. I expect the same is happening to you.

I switched to playing my music from my phone to car via Bluetooth. There are other connection adapters that work well too.
I started using an old iPod, it remembers my place. I stuffed it up in the dash and leave it connected.
So far so good.
I have a 2022 LEAF. It is my impression that the LEAFs music player software is somewhat buggy. The head unit has crashed and restarted a number of times when a USB stick was plugged in. I've noticed problems with the shuffle algorithm. And now, as I said in a different post, the Bluetooth pairing has problems. The good thing is that the Infotainment firmware can be updated by Wi-Fi, if they fix the bugs.