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Mar 16, 2024
I'm a new owner of a 2019 Leaf SL with the 62 KW pack. I tend to keep a car a long time. I've read dozens of articles and threads on best practices for charging my EV and I find conflicting information. I'm also probably overthinking things, it's my super power. Interestingly, my SOH went up 1% since I've been driving the car a few weeks and Hx dropped a bit. Are small and up and down fluctuation normal?

Accepted advice seems to be:
Don't let the battery get too hot or too cold
Keep the charge between 30% and 80%
Don't charge to 100% unless you really need it, Don't let the battery stay at 100% for long.
Don't use DC fast charging unless you really need it
There's some difference of opinion if level 1 or level 2 charging is better for long-term health, but the effect seems to be very small. I'll be using a 6.6 KWh chargepoint level 2 charger for 90 plus percent of my charge needs.

Some post reference the sweet spot for maximizing battery life maintain a 50% charge. Is it better to discharge the battery to around 30% and then charge it back up to 80%, in my case about once a week. Or to charge it for a short time daily to hold near 50% charge?

Other posts suggest to occasionally discharge the battery below 20% and then charge it to 100% to reset the battery. Is this good advice? How often should one do this?

I attached my leafspy log image, and it look healthy to my untrained eye. Are there any standouts on my battery condition that I should track?


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