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Jan 5, 2024
Tnx for let me in.
Have this 1st gen leaf for daily use. 7 bars left on battery

Just got me a donor car with good battery,12 bars, probably a Azeo, will swop over interiour parts and so on.

Donor car has bose stereo.
Big job to swop over?

Will do a battery change.
So guess I'll need to rebuild the can connector, put in a can bridge.
Is the ones from Ali direct fit, or do they need to be flashed /programmed?

Do I need 2 can bridges for my old leaf? One for battery, and one for instrument cluster do to some reading issues, red from Dalas page.

Located in Norway, Bergen.

I'd be happy with what you got for almost nothing! I've watched a few video's and I would guess there is going to need an adapter for the lighter wire connections to battery (connectors are different) and may be a cover for the battery heater connection.
I would suggest looking at Dala's videos on Youtube.
Good luck and welcome!
Always like to see someone keeping an older Leaf going.
I have watched Dala's videos and Web pages... So I'll guess the rest should work out fine. Interesting and you learn a lot. I'll might use the old battery to power my garage.. Have to look into that..
Canbridge flash ok.
Flashet up 2 modules.
Just to ensure...
Waiting for plugs so i can make adapter cable..


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I think your old battery would be a fine addition to any garage :) Couple it with the OBC from the donor vehicle and you've got yourself a nice wee power bank; just add an inverter for solar panels and feed your 400V into the panel inputs.
Managed to flash the Canbridge module, flashed 2 actually, just in case...

Wonder if the car works normally if I install that before the battery change?
Have access to workshop with lifts and stuff... So happy for that...


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Swooped battery.
It fires up, and seem to be working.
But got this message.. I key system fault... No dtc 's

Going for a test ride...

Range increased from aprox 50km to 170 km...


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Well... YouTube and how to use leaf spy pro, reading dtcy, was informativ... Classic p 1302 (I'll think)
Deleted and seems to run normally.
Will follow up the instrument batt indicators how they behave... Related to soc and driving range...