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Sep 27, 2023
Hi All, just wanted to post as a new Leaf owner. I was given the car and I plan on using it as my daily commuter and errand runner. It's my first electric car and its been very interesting getting to know the required driving style and quirks. I'm able to charge at work for free, so its been great so far. Getting the car there are a few things that needed to be fixed. The rear hatch struts had failed and the rear wiper needed to be replaced. Did all that today. Last weekend I did a full detail on it and gave its wax.

Here are some photos, from my hatch shock replacement, was pretty darn easy.

I will most likely be asking lots of questions and posting any additions to the car on the forum. I definitely plan on adding window tint to save on summer AC usage, and probably a nicer set of wheels once I need to replace the current tires. I also have a very plan radio that actually seems to not be able to stream Bluetooth audio, which blows my mind for a 2015 car. So probably at some point I'll add another head unit so I'll at least have CarPlay/Android auto. I think the best thing is that the radio doesn't seem to have any function or connection to then cars systems. It's literally only a radio, so I don't have to worry about losing any car system functionality.

Anyway, all tips are welcome.
Welcome to the forum. You have a Leaf "S" trim, which is the budget entry level Leaf. What this means is no heat pump, which may or may not matter in your locale, no remote connectivity for the car, and unless the car has the Fast Charge port, you have a slower onboard charger. 120 volt charging is unaffected by that, but even a basic Level 2 (L-2) charging station will charge the car more slowly. There are topics here about installing a better stereo, and I'm going to link the "Tips & Tricks" topic for you.
Wasn't sure so I went out and looked and I does have the Fast Charge port. I don't see me using that much, but nice to have though. The thanks for that bit of info.