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New member
Apr 20, 2024
Hello everyone;
I'm a new owner of a 2014 LEAF SL - 90K, 10bars on battery. I'm in Montreal, driving to downtown daily in a traffic, no highway, 26Km round trip.
I was looking for something that will allow me to save gas on my V8 LR... and save it from the daily traffic commute.
I've looked around and LEAF was the best at that price range, not to mention the Best looking :love:
I've paid 8K for it - seems that for the past 2 years it was sitting on dealerships lots, as it had done less than 1K in those 2 year,
I'm new to EV's, but did lurk on this forum and did some research on the net before pulling the trigger.
I'm really happy with it - just did my first week of commute.. and it seems that this car has all I need and more...
So far I did change the wipers, and cabin filter, will have to invest in a new tires and 2nd set of rims for winter..
I'm also thinking of replacing the High beam/DRL bulbs with LED's ( not really a fan of that yellow color..) and maybe most outside bulbs..
Looking forward to this forum.
Happy motoring to all..
Welcome! I'm new here too. This forum is very responsive to questions and very supportive. How much were the rims? Canadian Tire? I'm trying to decide if I want nokian GR4's or a set of snows...
FWIW I've been driving my Leaf through a couple of Minnesota winters now, including a trip through a blizzard (albeit in the Minneapolis metro area). The car has pretty good traction in the snow thanks to the weight of the battery pack. I do have the larger 62kwh pack, however.
I got my Leaf in June, 2020 and had to put tires on it right away. Chose Nokian all-weather WR4-G. I'm not a hyper-miler nor a lead foot - during the 1st summer or first 4k miles got 5.4 mi/kWh with less during winter. After four years and 20k miles they were worn down enough to replace, had become noisier, and efficiency was 4.9 mi/kWh. I chose Sailun ERange in the standard 16 inch size. Very heavy tire construction especially compared to Nokian's light weight. But when mounted required NO balance weights and no shimmy at any speed. First 30 miles were low effiency ie: took 15 miles of (G-O-M) range that normally take 12 miles range. Now with 159 miles on them they have settled-in and seem to be better and super quiet-riding tires.
20 k and worth replacing!? What the hell?! I thought nokians were good tires? Arent they 60k tires, or something like that? I'm looking for something that I can drive year round on so I dont need a second set of rims. I put 21K a year on my car so a set of tires every spring will not do. I dont need to climb mountains as part of my commute and its all highway that is well maintained.