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As of my last knowledge update in January 2023, information about a "Next Gen LEAF" (Generation 3) for Nissan LEAF electric cars might not be available. Car models and updates are subject to change, and new generations are often introduced by automotive manufacturers.

To get the latest and most accurate information about the Nissan LEAF's next generation or any updates to the model, I recommend checking Nissan's official website, contacting Nissan dealerships, or following automotive news sources for the most recent announcements and releases.

Car manufacturers usually announce new models or significant updates through official channels, and their websites often provide details about the latest offerings, including electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF.
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Nice rabbit hole. Many of your posts do appear to be machine intelligence, but I kind of doubt that you've been doing this since 2015...

Anyway, I find it interesting - and annoying - that while we've been waiting for an SUV or crossover version of the Leaf, Nissan has changed several ICE models so they look like just that - the Murano, for example. And, of course, now the Ariya sort of fills that niche...
That is ChatGP talking. It is an idiot.

Leftie, it goes beyond annoying the Nissan and other have not taken the opportunity to design useful EVs for various niches. By useful, I mean something affordable, simple, and sufficient to the task--whether it be commuting, light hauling or whatever. Instead we have all these crazy expensive trophy cars. Now the next gen Leaf, which could have been a NACs economobile made in Tennessee is going to be made overseas. Really annoying.
I was at the recent NY Auto Show and discussed the futur of the Leaf with the a Nissan Corp rep. I was told that their plans are to combin the Altima and Leaf into a new electrifiid Sudan. Sort of like a what an Ariya would like like if it was not an SUV. I take that is what the Gen3 of the Leaf will be. They plan to release it some time in the 25/26 time frame. Leaf is not going completely away. Just off market to be redesigned.