Leaf production ending/ends in UK, March 2024

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But it doesn't seem to be the networks being switched off that is the issue. Nissan are pulling the plug on their servers. The strange thing is that the BBC article says they're 2G modems, which are expected to continue working in most places for quite a few more years. If they are 3G only, for some people they'd have stopped working already.

Offering a modem upgrade to 4/5G wouldn't be that difficult, I'd have thought.

Bottom line is that they don't want to support owners of older vehicles.
"Nissan told the BBC: "The NissanConnect EV app currently linked to Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 vehicles produced up until 2016 will shut down from 1 April 2024 in preparation of the 2G technology sunset.""
I wonder what the next gen of Leaf will be like. Looks like they will have to retool to make it in the UK, so it will probably be radically different to Gen 1 and Gen 2 Leaf bodies. Hope Nissan won't get rid of the traditional style controls and displays. A current bad example of how to do this is the Volvo EX-30 with its horrible single central touch-pad and no driver gauges or display near the wheel (a driver should be able to glance down to see what speed their car is going not look down and across) and almost no buttons and knobs.
Well as it's going to be an SUV or crossover I'm expecting the price/range ratio to be poor due to shocking aero efficiency, and I'll likely avoid it, which is a shame.