Nissan finally gets it with new 240V portable EVSE

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I connected it to another outlet and it is the same problem. There is definitely a problem with the converter, but I really don't know what else to buy, if friends can help, please guide me.
I would take a volt meter and confirm the outlet isn't supplying 208 volts, meter may show as high as 218-219 but these Nissan supplied chargers will NOT work on a 208 volt supply, which would be common at a commercial apt or parking garage.
I would check to see if your Nissan OEM portable charger unit (EVSE) works by plugging it into at a NEMA 14-50 receptacle and try charging from it. If it works fine, then the problem may be with that Westinghouse adapter you purchased.

Amazon indicates that this Westinghouse adapter is often returned (see bottom-right corner of the pic below), so you may want to return it and buy a different adapter. I do not have any experience using 6-50P to 14-50R adapters, so I can't recommend one to buy.
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$20. I've used this for a weekend and no problem with the Lectron Level 2 charger. I charged a Hyundai Kona.
If the outlet he is plugging the Nissan EVSE into is supplying 208 volts, the adapter is not the problem, the voltage supply is!
The Nissan EVSE only works with 120 volt or 240 volt common in homes in North America, and WILL NOT work with 208 volt found in many commercial buildings in North America.
Even if the outlet is marked 50 amp 240 volt, you MUST confirm that it is supplying that voltage and not 208.
If it is 208 the "lectron charger" you listed should solve the problem. There are many aftermarket EVSE's that WILL work on 208 volts, Nissan's in not one of them, however.
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I've used my Ford mobile power cord that has a 14-50 4-prong plug with a 3-prong adapter with success.
The adapter connects the two hot wires and the ground wire, but not the neutral.
That is not an issue for the Ford MPC, which is very similar to the Nissan.
Mine was a Westinghouse from amazon:

I read the reviews of some other adapters and they had some bad reviews - either didn't work or burned up.

Now one other thing - are you sure the outlet is for 240v?

I say that because at camp grounds they have similar outlets but they are 30A 120vac, to provide two 120v lines for 50A RVs panels that don't have any 240vac devices.
The two hots are thus from the same side of the source and not from the two side of a split phase source.

Like this adapter for a 30 amp 120vac - it feeds a 4-prong plug to the Rv panel where it is split: