Nissan Leaf 2018 40kw - State of health nach 40000 Kilometer

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May 8, 2024
I have some confusing information about the SoH on my car. The battery display in the car shows me 12 bars, i.e. full capacity. The Nissan EV app showed me 10 bars until recently, but since then it has only shown 9 bars. The app Leafspy shows me an SoH of 91.99%. Then I charged the car from 10% to 100% at 6.6KW and got 34.2KW. Accordingly, the bar display would be totally inaccurate, but according to the manual it would be crucial for the guarantee. Has anyone had similar experiences?
What Nissan EV app are you using? What kind of phone? How much range are you getting?

The NissanConnect "EV&Services" app on my android does not tell me anything about the number of bars.

I would trust the LeafSpy over your app. Your battery is in nice shape.