NIssanConnect EV: LEAF SL 2018 vs LEAF SL+ 2022

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Sep 26, 2023
Quebec, Canada
I just wanted to share something. I'm in Quebec, Canada, if that helps guessing what Nissan servers I might use. I've had the 2018 for a year and damn that app has been frustrating to use. Less so lately but still slow as heck. I've had my 2022 for a week now, and I have both cars in the app, and it's night and day: the 2022 updates within 30 seconds on first try, every time. For the 2018 I still have to try multiple times and it takes up to 2 minutes to get recent data.

Now I think the 2022 came with what's left of the free 3 years subscription to the premium service. I doubt Nissan is offering faster responses to their premium customers, but who knows. I'll see when the subscription is over ;)

Anyone else had similar comparisons?
Actually, I do i a sense, I have a 2018 SL and a 2020 SL, both update easily and quickly in the app. My first guess would be, is the 2018 having reception issues (based on where it's parked for example) or maybe the 2018 is having antenna issues, lose antenna wire, etc.
2018 SV and SL owner for 6 years. Both still receive updates and work well on the app. Not lightning fast but fast enough.
Both cars are parked side by side in my driveway.

That's weird then! Nice to know there might be a way to improve things on the 2018.