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Mar 6, 2011
China is THE place for new companies making EVs, and specifically low(er) priced EVs with LFP batteries. For now most of them are only sold in China but that is expected to change rapidly, first with exports to Asia and India and Europe. The Ora good cat is made by 'Great Wall,' and is a Zoe sized car with 50 - 60 kWh pack sizes. Here is a local price list and specs:


Hold your chins, folks: the 47 kWh, base model costs $13k USD in China. The highest trim model with 59 kWh pack costs $21k USD. Of course by the time the car is offered in a Western market the price has doubled but that is mostly marketing and some regulatory costs. As volume scales and competition emerges the prices will come closer to the Chinese domestic price.

I was most interested in LFP retail cost, and the 'good cat' presented that opportunity since the larger pack size model has few other differences. The company charges $130/kwh for the upgrade. I've read that LFP is $80/kWh for wholesale cells in China (presumably large volume orders) so the $130/kWh retail pack cost does not stand out as being unreasonable.
If the build quality is anything like the Great Wall trucks (Tacoma/Hilux clones) they were importing into Australia when I lived there 7-8 years ago, I wouldn't get your hopes up.