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Aug 19, 2010
Did seeing the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? lead in part to your becoming a LEAFer?

Will you enjoy driving solo in the carpool lane next year?

Will you enjoy receiving a $7,500 federal tax credit for buying your new car?

Many of you are aware of this group, and are already members, but for the rest..
Plug in America was founded by the EV drivers featured in the 2006 movie. The organization fought for and helped win the benefits you'll be getting with your LEAF. If you want to see more legislation like the above passed, PIA is your nonprofit (501c(3)). If you want Plug In America to continue educating the public, industry officials, and legislators, please support the group.

That said, Plug In America is having it's 5th aniversary fundraiser party next weekend, Saturday, October 23rd.

So either..
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Or (here's the best one) come join us for this fantastic party at Chris Paine's cool abode. Here's the registration page

We welcome all soon-to-be LEAF drivers and would love to meet you.

For those who sign up soon, we will be emailing a list of some of the items to be auctioned off. One is a cool bicycle. Another will be a private screening of Chris' upcoming documentary, Revenge of the Electric Car. We have some great events planned for the party.

I second Richard's invite to the Plug In America party. We always sell out, so don't wait too long to get your tickets. Chris Paine's house is worth the price of admission all by itself. The party will feature a LEAF and Volt situated by the pool, and a Ford Focus EV, Tesla Roadster and Think city-car out front to welcome guests as they arrive.

A special EV, the E-Tracer, fresh from winning the Automotive X-Prize, will grace the interior courtyard. This 150 mph EV is as cool as they get.

Our organization has been on the front lines for the past 5 years, and prior to that, we were known as "", a true grass roots activist group that was featured in "Who Killed the Electric Car?" staging the big fight to stop GM from crushing the EV1.

This year's party is going to be the most significant given the imminent roll out of the Volt and LEAF. We hope to see you there!

Paul Scott
Black SL with DC quick charge
Currently driving a 2002 RAV4 EV and a Vectrix (Love my Vectrix!)
Gudy, the venue is Chris Paine's "Marrakesh House". See:

We will give out the actual address to those who buy tickets. It's a beautiful venue, perfect for such an event.
PaulScott said:
Gudy, the venue is Chris Paine's "Marrakesh House". See:

We will give out the actual address to those who buy tickets. It's a beautiful venue, perfect for such an event.

Been there for a prior event. The place was great, even prior to being any where near 'complete', the venue was wonderful. They had RAV4-EV's vallet us up & down the hill from where we drove in.

LEAFfan said:
Paul, I'm curious as to why Chris only has 60% of his house solarized/pvs, instead of 100%.

That was just the first PV system he installed. Since then, I sold him an additional 2.5 kW that should be installed any day now. We expect that will bring him close to 100%. When he put the first system in, he was guessing how much energy the house would need since there was no history. Now that he's got a couple of years there, he realized he needed a bit more. Luckily, he had the room on the roof.

Paine explained why he believes electric transport will succeed this time around. "This is the first time," Paine said of the buying public, "they've ever had a chance to make this decision. Even the California cars that were available when we all found out about them were very difficult to get. This is the first time in a hundred years that 99.9 percent of drivers have the option to drive something that isn't an oil-based car."