Range loss with and without mountain bikes/rack - ODBII logs - 2018 LEAF SL

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Mar 3, 2021
Northern Ontario, Canada
I conducted a quick range test using our 2018 LEAF SL with two mountain bikes out back on a 1uP Super Duty rack. 2" reciever is from Ecohitch. Data logged using LeafSpy Pro. Calm winds, flat section of highway driven in both directions, no drafting etc. Speed was set at 100km/h using the car's cruise. Range loss predicted on watts actually used would be 21-26%. Average loss using all data was 23%.




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I ran another quick test after swapping over from the winter rims/tires, to the summers.

The studded winters (most studs are worn to tread depth) I’m using on the car are actually about 4% more efficient vs the wider/lower profile Ecopia EP422 Plus summers. At 97 kmh, the winter tires/rims (205/55/R16) averaged 11 774 watts in my test and Ecopias (215/50/R17) were 12 226 watts, 4% more.
4% is 8-9 miles of freeway range. But some of that efficiency is also reduction in unsprung weight. Stock 16" rims are 4lbs less than 17" stock rims each. The tires are also each 1.5lbs less each..