Rear Brake Backing Plate - Metallic creaking sound while reversing

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Dec 13, 2022
Hi all,
I have a 2015 Nissan Leaf 24 KWH and have been getting a loud metallic creaking noise while reversing the car. I had shown it to a local mechanic who said it is a problem with the backing plate and will need replacement. I had tried to look up online , however unable to get any sites selling a backing plate for Nissan Leaf . Is this backing plate known as some other generic name that I am not able to figure out ? Or is it really difficult to get a rear brake backing plate ? Anybody had this issue before and if so, where did you source the "backing plate" ?
You can find the service manual for the brakes here:

I have never had my rear brakes apart on my Leaf but I suspect they are nearly identical to every other rear brake setup on equivalent cars, meaning just about any car with rear disc brakes built in the last 30+ years. I'm not familiar with the term backing plate but many cars have 'dust shields' that protect the inside of the rotors from debris, etc. These are usually just a thin sheet of stamped steel and are installed fairly close to the rotors. If they get bent, they will contact the rotor and make a lot of noise but otherwise they are not a critical part of the brake system.

If you are able, I'd jack up the back wheels and just turn them by hand. If something is rubbing you should be able to hear it then. It is normal for the pads to very slightly contact the rotors but the wheels should turn easily. Be sure to dis-engage the parking brake and block the wheels beforehand.
Probably the thin sheet metal shield- I usually let them just rust and fall off (bad person, I know) but they really do not affect the function of the brakes- not having them might shorten the life of what it left of the brakes but you have to remove everything to get at them anyway.
The outer part of the backing plate is a thin plate which is covering the brake disc. This part will usually rust and can be removed without any problem. The inner part of the backing plate is a thicker plate. This is where the parking brake is mounted. The problem is that you will get surface rust on this plate and the parking brake shoes will rub against it. If you remove as much surface rust as possible (I used a wire brush and sand paper) and then apply grease, it will get better - for a while. I tend to do this every time I swap between summer and winter tires.

The grease should be applied to those elevated "dimples" or what one would call them, but it is where the parking brake shoes rest against on the backing plate. I would link to the service manual, but I am not sure if that is allowed here.
The Leaf uses an inner shim that goes against the brake pad and an outer cover. They are part of the Brake Hardware Set and not included with OEM pads. Silicone Grease is applied between these. Aftermarket pads may have a single non removable cover so is simpler, but maybe more prone to squeal.