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Oct 9, 2021

I have looked on this forum and the general web on how to remote start (primarily climate control) on our 2020 SL Plus Leaf. Everything I've read points to the Nissan Connect Services. I have registered but the app is never able to connect to the car. Do I need to get the connect services subscription service for the app to work and to use the remote functions in it??

Are there any third apps that provide this?

Thanks in advance,

There are two Nissan Connect applications (available for either iPhone or Android) as well as the Nissan Owner Portal web site. You need Nissan Connect EV & Services (not Nissan Connect). You do not need to subscribe to the additional options available through Sirius XM for climate control. The Sirius XM optional subscription allows remote lock/unlock and some other features--I never activated it even though it was free for a few months because I did not want the capability of lock/unlock through the internet, but do check status and start/stop climate control using the Nissan Connect EV & Services app on my iPhone.
My wife uses Nissan Connect Services and her iPhone every morning in the winter to start the climate control in her 2020 SV Plus
Nissan Connect is the only app I'm aware of that will let you use Nissan's services without a subscription. You'll have access to limited functions including limited AC control and charge status. If you got the car used, you need to register the car as your own at Nissan first.

Other apps like MyLeaf require a subscription to Nissan's service (100+$/year).

But don't set your expectations too high. Nissan's servers are very slow, and often down for days or even weeks, no matter what app you use. Their servers are not global and some regions may have less problems than others. I personally have given up on relying on the app and just use the car timers, and have my fingers crossed for OVMS to eventually support 2018+ leafs.
Hello All, if you pre-condition regularly (IE for commute) the LEAF (at least 2018 and on) has a Climate Timer control. Look at your manual from page 4-40 and on.

The < and > and others here refer to the steering wheel left "D" pad.