Replaced PDM but dealer still can't get the car to charge

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A DVM with an assortment of clips, pins, and jumper wires can be your best friend in chasing this down.
test leads.jpeg

Ring out the continuity of each suspect wire with due caution to disconnect the 12V supply as needed. e.g don't be probing around and accidentally short out adjacent pins that might be energized.

Get a good set of plastic clip and panel removal tools to get access and inspect wiring and connectors.

Whatever pulse caused the initial damage to the board may have had sufficient energy to internally damage some wire--may not be externally visible but continuity check might find it.

i made this diagram for the early model cars but haven't found the equivalent to make for late models,
The control lines for the PDM come in thru a round circular connector at the back corner (toward the firewall on the right hand side of the car).

The PDM lid can be removed for probing but there is a lid-interlock that would prevent operations with power applied.

There is some connector info on this thread,

but i noticed that many of the picture links have expired..? That's a bummer.

The damage to this board looks similar to yours,
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Judging from the fail-safe conditions of the error codes, I have a hunch that neither the modules nor the wires are actually damaged... if they were, the car would have been immobilized from the start, but it was actually driveable until the battery ran out. PDM error codes don't immobilize the vehicle, they just prohibit charging. If VCM/BCM communication errors are appearing now, it must be something as simple as a badly plugged connector. Maybe some connector is completely disconnected.

In fact, I would bet the problem is the connector from the engine bay side, as the dashboard was never removed, and nothing was disassembled from inside the cabin. Therefore I would like to check the connections from under the hood. However, I'm having problems finding a wiring diagram for the black harness where the VCM, BCM and other modules plug into.

Could someone post some pictures of how and where these modules plug into the harness where they communicate with each other, particularly from the engine bay side?