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Jan 6, 2024
Tampa FL area
A friend with an iphone queried my car on LSPro & got the following: 419 GIDS, SOH 90.48% on 15,856 miles, Hx=75.07% (of what?) 395.09V. There was 1 QC & 259 L1/L2s. The car lived in PA & FL. I am in the Tampa area. I use it only for short trips & have L2 at home.
Is 90.48 SOH appropriate for 15.8K miles? Also LSPro does not respond to my android Pixel7A. I replaced the LeLink obd2 with a Kitbestbest android obd2 with no more success. I refuse to get an iphone just to read LSPro . I was a mechanic in the army & restored Triumphs while in practice & also understand basic electricity but this is all new to me. Many thanks in advance. Jerry
That's not all the information that I would desire to see with LeafSpy, but the values harvested sound like a typical healthy Leaf.

You don't need an IPhone to use LeafSpy. That I can assure you.
I've used a Pixel 5a, and now Pixel 8 Pro with LeafSpy Pro and have never had any issues, it works perfectly. Can't really give you advice on why yours doesn't work. You'll have to provide more details about the type OBD-II Scanner you're using and what messages you're getting back on your phone.
If looking at a used Leaf, I would be very interested at looking at the cell voltage delta with the battery at a lower SOC. Below 30% at least. Below 20% even better.

The screen would look like this:
(and the delta is the value depicted as 17mv)

Screenshot_20240122_171543_LeafSpy Pro.jpg

Your hoping for the smallest delta possible, especially the lower the SOC of the battery. The way I understand, the BMS is going to treat the remaining range available based on the weakest cell. That's not an issue if the weakest cell is only a few millivolts different than the strongest cell.
But if the battery has just one (or a few) really weak cells, that cell will be robbing the vehicle of a considerable amount of range. On some Leafs this delta can be several hundred millivolts!