Says plugged in, but it's not plugged in

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Nov 7, 2021
My 2013 leaf says "can't start, unplug" The charger is not plugged in. When I do plug the charger in the car beeps one time and doesn't charge. No lights on come on. The car was parked about two weeks ago and has not been on the charger either for two weeks. I discovered this issue today when I went to put it inside the garage and charge up because extremely cold weather is coming and the battery is only about 25 % charged.
I have put a charger on the 12 volt battery to make sure it is fully charged but that didn't help. I have now disconnected the 12 volt battery to see if I can reset something and will try things again in the morning.
Does anyone have any ideas what is goofed up here? Is some relay or contactor stuck making the car think it's plugged in when it's not?
Thanks, Bruce