Sony Rear View Camera Recall - NHTSA ID: To Be Determined

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Jan 12, 2015
Franklin, TN
I found out yesterday that Nissan is going to perform what looks like a fairly large Recall on the Leaf. No announcement yet about it in the News, but here is the information I could find on it.

Effective Date: February 6th, 2024

Over time, the rear view camera harness within the affected vehicles could become damaged from harness movement and vibration during vehicle or manual hatch operation

If the rear view camera harness becomes damaged, the backup camera display image could become blurry, distorted, multi-colored or blank screen. If this condition occurs, it may not comply with FMVSS 111 s.5.5 Rear Visibility. If the rear view image is not available, rearward visibility may be reduced, potentially increasing the risk of a crash.

Nissan is currently developing a remedy plan.
If you go to this site and put in your VIN, you should see if your Leaf is part of this.

I only have my 2018 and 2020 to put in VIN numbers to check (it says both are part of this Recall), I might put in my old 2013 VIN for giggles if I can find it in some old paperwork or LeafSpy screenshots just to see how far back this goes.
I looked up my 2013 Leaf VIN and plugged in the number, it didn't show the camera recall for that year model, but it did show that the whoever the new owner is, they still have not done the "EARTH PLATE" recall issued back 2019, which now that I think about it, I forgot to do that before I traded it in. 🤣
Yay. I have problems with my 2019 SL plus. Every time I close the hatch the camera View goes away. Usually I just have to open it and close it again and it goes back. Very strange. I've seen some YouTube videos on people who have taken apart the back door and fix the connection. But I had my Nissan dealer look at it and they said that wasn't the problem. Regardless, it looks like a solution will be coming eventually.
My 2018 SV always displays the rear camera backup guidelines, but there is no actual picture for days at a time.
Then it returns and might be good for weeks.
Is this a problem the recall would correct ?
My 2018 SV always displays the rear camera backup guidelines, but there is no actual picture for days at a time.
Then it returns and might be good for weeks.
Is this a problem the recall would correct ?
My 2018 Leaf has had intermittent backup camera problems since it was display. Slamming the rear hatch has always fixed the problem.
Email from Boulder Nissan Service Department:
"At this time there is no fix for the recall. As soon as nissan has a repair path they will notify you by mail. They do not have a timeframe on when this will be available. "
Soem real mixed messages coming out on this one. I received this email on Monday Feb 26th:

"Thank you for contacting Nissan North America and allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance.
A review of our system indicates your 2022 Nissan Nissan LEAF is included in the following campaign(s):
R23D7 - Sony Rear View Camera
Please contact your Nissan dealer for an appointment to have the campaign repairs performed on your vehicle. These repairs are free of charge to you and our dealers are happy to assist."

I called Nissan and the rep explicitly told me they have released a fix. If anyone actually gets theirs in to a dealer and fixed I'd appreciated hearing!
I can't imagine the fix being anymore than either a new camera with new harness secure points to keep the cable from being flung around when you drive / open / close rear hatch, etc. Unless the weak point is further down in the wiring somewhere where a cable is being nicked by a metal edge while jiggling around for example.
Same problem on my 2019 SV Plus. Just got the recall notice. I'll keep opening/closing the hatch until the fix is out.
My rear camera works fine, so I'm not worried. Yet.

Can anyone with a Nissan shop manual post a description/image of the cable involved? I figure I can take a look, check it for wear, then wrap it with some plastic cable armor.