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Apr 21, 2010
Laguna Hills, Orange Co, CA
After starting in the garage (with the Parking Brake ON), I release the Parking Brake, I back slowly out onto the gently down-sloping driveway, I use the brake pedal to stop the creep/roll (to let a passenger in), I continue to back out into the street (with a 60 degree turn), and just a second after starting to move forward (with a 30 degree turn) to go off down the street ...

I hear what sounds like a coil spring "twang" (not very loud) as the spring un-sticks from something. This is a recent "new" sound.

It happened each of the last 3 times I left the driveway.

Could it be a Parking Brake has released, but one of its springs is getting slightly caught on something, then fairly quietly "twanging" free?
I would think that if the car is rolling backwards then its not your parking break. You can test it on you driveway (assuming it is sloping) by putting it in neutral with the parking brake ON. Take your foot off the brake and see if it rolls. It shouldn't. Then put your foot on the brake and take the parking brake OFF. Remove your foot and see if it rolls. If it rolls then the brake is off - if it doesn't then yes, the parking brake is still applied.

There are a lot of things that can make that sound. Tie rod, ball joint... The "twang" is interesting. Perhaps record the sound from outside the car with someone else performing the action? I know that some cars perform an ABS self-test that is like a clicking sound. I don't have my Leaf yet so I can't say much about how the Leaf acts.
garygid said:
...I hear what sounds like a coil spring "twang" (not very loud) as the spring un-sticks from something...
Heard that noise from the very beginning, and haven't worried about it but do wonder what it is... You describe it very well. Mine has a low pitch boing twang-and not very loud...
I have had the sound since day one and supposedly it is the ABS self check.

One of a few threads that have discussed it before
It is the ABS test. It's been discussed elsewhere on the forum, and it does talk about this somewhere in the Manual. That is the best description of the sound I've heard. Also interesting is that I didn't start hearing it until a month after I got the car. Now, I hear it every day.
I too have had the same noise from day one. Always during the first 100' of driving but just during the first stop-start of the day. It seems only after reverse movement from backing the car in the garage. If I just pull up and park and then pull away it doesn't occur. It's just a slight "boing" sound.