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EZ Spare still appears to be in business; they have a modular system that can be used to make a donut for nearly any 4- or 5-lug hub out there, and any wheel size. That's where I got my donut. As I recall, I got my jack on Amazon, along with a set of 4 wheel chocks, and a package of tool clips to hold my lug wrench. There's a whole thread on the subject; see this post for the result. I haven't actually had to use my donut (although an earlier post in the referenced thread shows a test-mounting). And as a bonus, the rack I built provides much more secure storage for my portable charging station, and still allows easy access to the compressor (which works just fine without the slime).
I bought a spare on ebay for another Nissan with similar wheels. O yes, I also bought the tools needed to jack up the car and remove the failed tire and then install the spare. My spare is a Nissan Altima spare tire wheel rim donut T135/90R16 OEM 2013 thru 2022. I checked that the spare works by performing a removal of the Leaf's tire and installing the spare. Note that I have 16 inch not 17 inch that some Leaf's have.
Oddly, though my Prius Prime has no spare (other than the one I stole from my wife's '06 Prius before it went to the salvage yard), it did come with a jack. Not sure what they expect the average person to do with it other than maybe jack the car and take the wheel somewhere for repair or replacement.