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EZ Spare still appears to be in business; they have a modular system that can be used to make a donut for nearly any 4- or 5-lug hub out there, and any wheel size. That's where I got my donut. As I recall, I got my jack on Amazon, along with a set of 4 wheel chocks, and a package of tool clips to hold my lug wrench. There's a whole thread on the subject; see this post for the result. I haven't actually had to use my donut (although an earlier post in the referenced thread shows a test-mounting). And as a bonus, the rack I built provides much more secure storage for my portable charging station, and still allows easy access to the compressor (which works just fine without the slime).
I bought a spare on ebay for another Nissan with similar wheels. O yes, I also bought the tools needed to jack up the car and remove the failed tire and then install the spare. My spare is a Nissan Altima spare tire wheel rim donut T135/90R16 OEM 2013 thru 2022. I checked that the spare works by performing a removal of the Leaf's tire and installing the spare. Note that I have 16 inch not 17 inch that some Leaf's have.
Oddly, though my Prius Prime has no spare (other than the one I stole from my wife's '06 Prius before it went to the salvage yard), it did come with a jack. Not sure what they expect the average person to do with it other than maybe jack the car and take the wheel somewhere for repair or replacement.
Much less costly to get an Altima spare tire and one of those jack and wrench kits. I got the tire on eBay and jack on Amazon and spent less than half of that.
What do y’all do about the no spare tire problem? I bought a ‘21 Leaf SV 6 mos ago and am quite happy so far, but leery about depending on a can of Puncture Seal.
I got cheap used 16” rims and snow tires and throw one in the back. Weird that the thing would even want snow tires, but it’s heavy and can slide sideways. You can get by with the right kind of all seasons but I had the wrong kind and I thought “if I gotta buy a rim why not buy 3 more?” Saved me from buying one of those billet aluminum rims. They’re so so expensive it was cheaper to buy 4 16” steelies. It was more with the snow tires ‘cause blizzaks cost ducats, but I drive good on snow now.
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No spare tire = no jack. They expect us to use the goop and drive it to a dealer. Just extra weight and cost for no benefit as far as Nissan is concerned.
I actually pulled the goop thing. Full service spares are close to ungettable these days
No spare tire = no jack. They expect us to use the goop and drive it to a dealer. Just extra weight and cost for no benefit as far as Nissan is concerned.
Oh, I throw a bottle jack in there too. I didn’t look for hard points though so I may be screwed
Seized lug nuts are a nightmare, especially if you get a flat tire in the boonies and there is no cell service. For 50 years, I have been putting a thin coat of molybdenum disulfide grease on the threads of the wheel studs on my vehicles, making sure that no grease gets on the tapered surface of the lug nuts or the mating surfaces on the wheels. I change wheels twice a year (winter and summer tires) and have never had a lug nut seize or loosen. Note that torque specs assume that the tapered surfaces on the lug nuts and wheels are clean and dry.
Crap, a wrench. I need to throw a lug nut wrench in there too
A car is made up of 1500 parts, any of which can fail .....not sure why we carry a spare wheel.......haven't had a flat in 30 years and 500,00 miles...I'll take my chances.
I have. Twice. It’s true it may never get used. Most of those parts aren’t made of rubber and in contact with the road though. I didn’t know my old car had a limited service spare but room for a full for the first 5 years I owned it. When I sold it there was a full service spare in the rotation though. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it
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Yes it was. Some for sale are 6-8 years old and tires aren't very trustworthy after 10 years so I was able to find one 3 years old. I was worried about the jack however. Reviews are all over the place on most of them. Many are the same, just relabeled.