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Oct 12, 2019
Lee-on-the-Solent, England
I've owned my 2014 LEAF for just over a month now, VERY pleased with the car, but I have some issues regarding sounds. I see from the owners manual that there is a choice of 3 start up sounds and these can be selected via the Settings menu. Had a go with this and found that I could get #1 and then silence it but nothing else. After a lot of retrying I eventually got #2 and then #3. However, after more fiddling I lost #2 and can't get it back. I did a Google search of the forum and a member reported the same problem way back in 2016 but couldn't explain why this was so. I can verify that the 12V battery is showing 12,9V in Run mode, so it isn't a low voltage problem. I rather like #2 sound, as I think #1 is goofy and #3 even more so! :shock:
Also, my car was delivered with no external sounds (VSP), and even with LeafSpy Pro I can't enable these. the service screen seems to work OK, but nothing responds in the car. All I can do is enable/disable the start up sound - this may be connected with the issue above.
Thanks for your help.
I can verify that the 12V battery is showing 12,9V in Run mode, so it isn't a low voltage problem.

When the car is in Ready mode the DC-DC converter raises the system voltage because it is supplying the 12 volt power. Check the accessory battery voltage with the car off, after it sits for 15+ minutes with the hood already unlatched so you don't need to open the car first. If it reads less than 12.4 volts you have a weak or undercharged 12 volt battery that may be messing with other systems.
Thanks for your response, and apologies for not acknowledging sooner, but on the day I posted my query I also ordered a new 12V battery (as the original was flagging somewhat) and I wanted to wait until the new one was installed to see if there was any improvement. It arrived yesterday, checked the terminal voltage at 12.76V and then put it on the car. Result? - no change whatever. I'll just have to live with it.
Hopefully this can be resolved. It just isn't a common enough issue for us to have the answer ready for you now.

Just a wild guess/thought: are you changing the menu options with the car in Ready mode, or in accessory mode? If accessory mode, try Ready mode.