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Nov 19, 2020
Every time I turn on my 2019 SV Plus I get a message pop up that just says "Maintenance", and in the middle of the box a picture of a wheel and the word "Tire". I check the inflation level and all four tires a perfect.
Does anyone have any idea why this maintenance warning is popping up or how to stop it.

Images of the dash showing the message and tire pressure display can be seen here:

many new cars simply have service notifications to remind you when to get your services done like oil, tires, etc. I suspect this is the same. Go through your menu and see if there is a "maintenance" setting that you can reset it. That is what the tech would do.

It could also be possible that one of your TPS sensors broke and its throwing a fault maybe?
It's a dummy reminder as folks have alluded to. See page 2-35 of You'll need to use the arrow keys on the steering wheel to go thru the menus.
cwerdna you were correct, I cancelled the tire maintenance settings and the message has disappeared. I also agree with another poster that 38psi is more appropriate. I had set the tires to exactly 36psi while trying to find a solution to my issue.