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Apr 14, 2017
So I bought what I thought were replacement headlights. I replaced the main bulb, which appears to also be the brights. There's a second bulb on the left/front of the assembly, looks blue in this photo. It does not turn on either with the regular lights or the high beams. I can't believe Nissan would build a car with superfluous light bulbs. I don't think I've got fog lamps and no idea how to turn them on if I do. Any guesses what this bulb is and/or how to turn it on?
You have a LED low beam and an Halogen high beam in that headlight. If your car didn't come with that, then the low beam will not work. You didn't say what year and trim level you have and what the one you bought was,
2015 S. Both low beam and high beam are working, but both lights are coming from the same bulb. Are you saying the bluish bulb is also a high beam?
I have a '15 SL and the lower "blue" is the LED low beam and the upper is a single filament bulb for High beam only. The S used a halogen bulb with two filaments one for low and one for high like older cars have done for decades.
I suspect your replacement was for a SL and you re-used the bulb and connector.
Are you located in Europe? On European Leafs with halogen headlamps (without low-beam LED), that bluish part is where the parking lamp goes (a small 5W bulb). On US-spec Leafs, there is no bulb there. Apart from that, I believe both the European and the US Leaf use a H4 halogen bulb on that type of headlamp.
Any guesses what this bulb is and/or how to turn it on?

Is your car a ZE0 or an AZE0? On my AZE0 that light is a park lamp and should be on when your park circuit is on (which includes when low and high beam are on). You may have a blown lamp?

I took a photo of mine to show you :)