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Nov 9, 2023
Lyman, Iowa
Does anyone know, or has anyone tried to back-feed the taillight from the front side marker lights? I would like to be able to run the taillights off my tow vehicle when the Leaf is on a tow dolly. In my older stuff this is easy, just run the taillight feed from the tow dolly and a "ground" and back feed one of the front parking lights and they all come on.
I would just put an aux plug under the hood and connect it up when the Leaf is being dollied.
Brake and turn are handled by the lights on the dolly, (as is tail) but I want lights at the very rear of the tow, so would like to use the Leaf's LED's for that.
I'm just not sure how they handle all the lighting on the Leaf.
Looking at the wiring diagram for 2011, the lamps are all tied together, so such a setup would work for at least the older body style, but I can’t see any reason Nissan would have changed that for the newer cars.
Ok, finely got around to doing this.
I used a Grote 82-2213 mini "add a fuse" and removed fuse 47 (47 or 46, either will do) and plugged the pigtail and fuses into the slot. I ran the wire out an enlarged drain hole in the bottom of the fuse box.
This allows me to "back feed" the parking light circuit, so all parking lights can be controlled by the tow vehicle. It taps in after the parking light relay so the car's electronics are none the wiser.
The add a tap can be installed in either orientation, while it will work if installed backwards, you will be back feeded through both fuses rather than one. I made sure to back feed to the power side of the taillight fuse.
10 amps is enough to power all the lights, even though the car has two ten amp fuses for the same bulbs, they split it in two so there will always be some lights if one side fails.
The best part is it is fully removable and there is no permanent modifications to the vehicle wiring.
So now when my Leaf is on the tow dolly and night or in bad weather, the tail lights on the Leaf as well as those on the dolly (up on the fenders of the dolly) will be controlled by the tow vehicles taillight switch.
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