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May 30, 2022
Hi. My 2014 Leaf is causing me headaches. When activating the turn signal (any side) it blinks normally approximately the first two blinks and then goes double speed for the rest of the trip.

First I thought it might be the LEDs, but seems weird both sides would be hit around the same time.

Its an all out LED car. 2014 Tekna with Bose. (EURO zone).

It started in the right side. But is now affecting both. It does NOT affect the hazard signal.


Where do I start looking?
Did you confirm that all of the turn signal bulbs are working well?

For diagnostics you may try switching all of the turn signal bulbs out for incandescent/halogen and see if the problem persists.

I found this helpful when a similar issue happened in a subaru.
+1 on checking all the lights first. Otherwise, maybe just spring for a new relay. I'm not certain but I assume there is one relay that runs both right and left turn signals. It's also possible that the flasher relay is a separate unit.