Turning LEAF headlights into DRL (Daytime Running Lights) w/simple 3-wire module

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Apr 2, 2015
Lots of info on MNL about DRLs but I wanted a very specific thread for turning the existing headlights into DRLs using a simple 3-wire (relay) module:


SIDE NOTE: the Truck-Lite 97300 version is the same as the Grote 44040:

I've had a technician utilize the Truck-Lite DRL module (I assume it's nothing more than a simple relay, as it doesn't reduce the amount of power going to the headlights) to create DRLs on two LEAF SL (2013 & 2014) vehicles that were going to Canada. They both had the SL LED low beams (conversely, the low/high beams are a dual-ballast single-bulb on the S & SV, correct?). I know precious little about auto electrical and here is my understanding of the setup:

The Truck-Lite relay module's 3 wires were connected to the

  • 1. fuse area for power when the LEAF was turned on
    2. the second to some type of detection point "switch" so that all the regular light functions took over when turned on
    3. a third wire to the light harness to power the low beams anytime the car was on, even if the lights on the signal stock were turned to "off."

As far as I know this Truck-Lite "DRL Module" is a simple 3-wire relay. Is that correct? If so, can anyone recommend an alternative to this unit (from online, ebay or local parts store)? Per Pacific Insight (the manufacturer for Truck-Lite & Grote), they're not manufacturing any more of these so I need to find an alternative.

Also, can I do this same install on an S or SV with the single high/low bulb, especially if I retrofit the dual bulb with LED, and WHAT BULB would you recommend to upgrade to LED?

Finally, can anyone identify the exact locations of the three connections I mentioned above if you were doing the wiring with pictures you take or those excellent images floating around on the other DRL threads?


P.S. - I'll post a picture of the installation instructions that come with the Truck-Lite 97300 also, if I can find a link.