Using the 360 camera system for security/live feed.

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Feb 24, 2014
I was thinking of an Idea, and I have no idea If anyone has posted this suggestion. I think it would be a neat feature if you could have a live feed or even photo and motion detection if someone gets too close to a Nissan Leaf. I was thinking of this because a neighbor's car had gotten broken into recently and I think I would flip out if someone busted a window out of my car. I'm not sure exactly how many cameras are on the leaf, but it would definitly be a helpful feature to grab a picture of someone vandalizing or even someone whos not supposed to be near it or on my property...

Just my 2 cents...
You are right. This would be a great pic on any car. Now that cars are getting rear and 360 degree view cameras I think it's not too far away that this feature will be available on any upcoming cars. you may want to send this to Nissan as well as a suggestion.
I would like for all four of my cameras to stay on even faster than 6 mph and does anyone know if that is possible short of removing input from the speedometer to the camera module?

I do not need them on all the time but it would be nice is if I could stay on stay to 15 Mile per hour so what when going around coming out of a drive-thru if you got a little stretch you get over 6 mile an hour they would stay on so that when you got to the curb you can see the curbs well I have no rotation of my neck head.