Leaf 2015 SV -- C1A70 and C1106 codes

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Sep 25, 2023
My Leaf is a 2015 SV (North America/Canada) with 210 000km.

I currently have the following errors codes in LeafSpy Pro (since purchasing the car) :
• C1106-00 09 ABS RR LH Sensor-2 BRC-68
• C1A70-01 09 BRAKE Brake Control System BR-160

I changed the ABS sensor with new from Amazon. The same codes are still here even with multiple reset. Also it is the sensor fault and not the sensor harness fault(C1102), so it would surprise me that it is a bad wire.

According to service manual, the C1A70 should be solved after the ABS codes, so I would think that I should continue to investigate the C1106.

Before I continue, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following questions :
1. Do someone has experience with these codes?
2. Is a problem with the sensor rotor common? How would I inspect that (with salt on the roads the hub rust on the knuckle and cannot be removed non destructively most of the time)? My idea was to use an oscilloscope to monitor the signal on the wires and compare left and right, but this would not tell me if the sensor or rotor or actuator is bad without a lot of parts swapping. Also maybe I can fit an inspection camera in the hole of the sensor.
3. If it’s not the rotor, the next step would be to replace the ABS actuator. This procedure asks for programming the steering angle sensor. Is the car going to work without this programming(at least to drive it to a dealer or someone with CONSULT)? Will a dealer do this after I replaced the parts myself? It seems to take like 5 minutes according to the service manual... Or is there a way to do it without CONSULT ?

Problem solved!

After some debugging by looking at the CAN bus of the leaf, while swapping the sensors and the input of the ABS module, it was clear that the ABS control module was woring properly. To test both wheels on both inputs, I made an extension cable from a junkyard harness.

The problem was the bearing/hub assembly: at the rear of the assembly, there is a small metal plate that holds the wheel speed sensor. This plate was deformed.

The hard part was to remove the hub from the backplate. They were stuck together very hard.

I believe that the root cause was previous work on that hub by a non qualified person: The hub was damaged, held in place with 3 bolts instead of 4 and the handbrake was not installed properly.