VCM recall for 22' SV+?

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Dec 10, 2021
The MyNissan page on my 22' SV+ is showing a recall (dated yesterday the 17th) for the VCM. Anybody else get a notice, and do we know specifically what for?
I currently see nothing at, but there's sometimes a lag. Hopefully it shows up so that you can expand the recall and open its associated documents.

But, it might be these:
Thanks. Looks like from the Car & Driver article that its for a firmware update at the dealer for the VCM. No issues with mine in the last year and a half, but I'll get it done when the updates available.
Info if finally up at

See Look under 23V494000 and expand associated docs. There are 2 now and it WILL grow. has more info.
Can confirm, shows up for both of mine. :eek:


On vehicles with affected VCM software, there is a risk of sustained motor torque if a driver takes both of the following actions within 8 seconds after the cruise control, ICC, or PPA function is deactivated (a) switches driving mode (i.e. from D to B position, or ECO mode, or e-Pedal ON ) and (b) then applies and releases the accelerator pedal.


If this condition occurs, in certain operating conditions the vehicle may continue acceleration unless the brake is applied or may not slow down as expected following release of the accelerator, which may increase the risk of a crash.


Your Nissan dealer will reprogram the Vehicle Control Module (VCM) with updated software to remedy this issue. This service, which is conducted at no charge to you for parts and labor, could take up to one (1.0) hour to complete. However, your Nissan dealer may require your vehicle for a longer period of time based upon their work schedule.
I tried for over half an hour to replicate this on both my 2020 and 2018 Leaf and not once even got close. Tried all combinations of ICC, Default Cruise, D and B mode, Eco mode, etc. Nothing with dozens of tries and combinations across both Leaf were able to replicate the results of "runaway" acceleration. So whatever causes this takes either very exacting conditions of driving or is some rare, random bug that happens and Nissan has found a way to replicate it for a software update. :?
Now that I got the update for both Leaf (2018 and 2020), this is the immediate changes I noticed with out ICC/Pro-pilot works compared to before the update.
  • Following distances have been increased. When using ICC at the lowest setting, it would tend to follow a little closer to the lead car than I was comfortable with because if that leading car slams on the brakes, I've seen some close calls before when using it. Luckily I do pay attention and never had any fender benders because of it, but it also meant I used the "next" lowest setting more often because of this. Now it seems the lowest setting is allowing more room for margin of error, so that part of the update I do appreciate. :D
  • The Brake Doesn't Cancel ICC when stopped. Now this is a weird one to me. :? Before, when ICC brings your vehicle to a stop, you must either using the steering wheel resume button or your accelerator pedal to start ICC moving again if the lead car then starts to move from a stop. If you pressed the Brake pedal while stopped, it would cancel ICC back to standby mode. This time, ICC is still active even when holding the brake or tapping the brake over and over while stopped. It's true that it won't resume without human input, but I have to question why Nissan changed this behavior unless it's for convenience and not having to turn on ICC at every stop light perhaps? My only complaint was that the brake "always" cancelled ICC/Pro-pilot before as kind of a fail-safe no matter if you were moving or not. Time will tell if this needs another recall to change back. :shock:
Another side effect of this update, your GOM mileage will be giving you unrealistically high estimates of remaining range for a while. On both my 2018 and 2020, it's not a BMS reset, but more of a last efficiency readings are jacked up to around 8 m/kWh. This picture is from my 2020 (yes, I need to clean the screen :? ) so when I brought it into the dealer, it was around 50% SoC, after the update it sat at home on the L2 for a few hours to bring it up to 83% before I had to leave to go run some errands. I laughed when I saw the GOM because 225 miles at only 83% is more than the estimated ranger at 100% normally. If I had more time,I would have charged all the way to 100% just to see some funny numbers like "271" miles remaining or something. :shock: :lol:

Had the update done about a month ago for the 22' SV+. I'm noticing maybe a 10% increase in kwh/mile, total range. Don't drive highways much so can't tell about the following distance, but did check the system in traffic to see if it resumed to set cruise when the car ahead moved. I probably sat there for 30 seconds, but DID have to hit the resume button to start again.
Now retired my trips are about 25 miles total maybe2-3 times a week. Perhaps its a update to increase accuracy (or not...). I would just make enough trips to take the battery down to 10-20%, but since I usually solar charge (trickle), and can charge when there's a fair bit of sun (or partly cloudy), my luck is I'd have to make a longer trip on a low battery. I'm an avid believer of the old saying among pilots..."there are old pilots and bold pilots, but few old/bold pilots".
Dealer tried to do the firmware update for me 10 days ago, don't know how but they bricked my VCM to the point that a recovery firmware did not fix it. Hoping that it gets fixed this week as they just got in a new vcm
nekocentral said:
Dealer tried to do the firmware update for me 10 days ago, don't know how but they bricked my VCM to the point that a recovery firmware did not fix it. Hoping that it gets fixed this week as they just got in a new vcm
The update takes a long time via laptop. If you have the technician let the laptop go to sleep by accident in the middle of the update this can happen.
I had the R23A6 (aka NHTSA 23V-494) done today. I went into the dealership with 216 miles of range and came out with 280. I've had quite a few charges that resulted in 272 miles but never more than that. I was hopeful, but the range seemed to go down faster than normal.

The recall was applied quickly even though there was a scheduling snafu. I scheduled the appointment online since the recall email had a link to do that. Apparently the dealership doesn't work that way and had no record of the appointment even though I had a confirmation. They were kind enough to work me in and I did my best to drink all their coffee.

A few things got reset/changed. I don't know if it was the software update or the dealer folks pushing buttons. The radio stations didn't change. They did try to sell me a cabin air filter service and brake fluid flush. The former was done a few months ago. I'll do the latter soon in my garage.