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Jan 15, 2024
Melbourne, Australia
Hello all,
My Jap import e+G is running beautifully, but with 91,000km on the clock there's the occasional part showing a little wear.
There's some noise coming from the rear wheels, suggesting that the bearings might need changing, so I'm keen to dip into the collective wisdom of this group to see if anyone has done this job and how difficult/expensive it is.
Does anyone know about this? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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Suggest recording the noise first, get some opinions. Bearings can be very difficult to diagnose. I changed the right rear bearing, and it turned out it was actually the right front that was humming. But I found other corrosion problems with the hand brake in the rear, so it worked out OK.
I would be surprised the wheel bearings are bad at only 91000km. That would be unusual unless there were frequent of heavy loads in the rear. Or running after market wheels/spacers with excessive offset.

Please post a recording. My bet is on "rusty" or gummed up brake system (caliper pins, vs parking brake). You could try the brake maneuvers to loosen them up, I'll try to find reference for you.

Re the difficulty of the job to change out the rear axle hib, it all depends on one's skill set? For someone who knows there way around the brake change, owns their own jack, jack stands, breaker bar, torque wrench, they probably have enough skill to change out the rear hub. You may want to get an alignment check first, because when the hub is off is the time to add any camber or toe shims at the rear. There are many YouTube videos on Nissan (Altima) rear axle hub that break it down.