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DIY European parking disc

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:35 am
by mwalsh
Needed a parking disc for a short trip to Norway but a) didn't want to spend $15 to have one shipped from Europe and b) didn't want one that had the text in languages other than Norwegian and English.

Downloaded a cover image from here: ... 82.svg.png

and a time disc image from here:

Changed the language on the cover image from German in Paint 3D (handy/free editing program in Windows 10).
Printed both to thicker paper stock on a color laser printer.
Carefully cut around the edges of both, and also the time disc window out of the cover.
Assembled using a small machine screw/cap nut I had on hand*.

*I might have used a paper brad (one of those rivet looking things with the points that you spread) if I'd had one, but I haven't had those in my home since high-school and a box of 100 would have cost about $4 from an office supply store, somewhat defeating the desire for low-cost.

End result. Good enough for a two-week trip: