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Idea for a global association of providers of public no-fee Electric Vehicle Charging

Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:54 am

Well, I'm not sure of the right name of the association, but what I am getting at is that in our county there were no public stations, so we partnered and set one up. We decided to keep it dead simple and not try to bill for any use of the station, but simply (for now at least) to give away charging to the few EVs that pass through. Despite the initial expense, the results are very good. Reflecting on this, I find myself wondering as to the thousands and millions of other small operators around the world who are providing no-fee public charging, whether just to be nice, or also as a tie-in to their business. Maybe there is a small simple logo that could be pasted unobtrusively on the stations, and some loose unifying around some basic issues, such as bringing attention to EVSE that works very well for these purposes, key decisions that affect operating expenses including whether to buy networked hardware and whether to be on a network, strategies for bringing in shoppers, strategies for sharing and EV etiquette, surveys of members on various issues, etc. I also like the international aspect.

I don't have the wherewithal or resources to start such an industry association, but have just been thinking, maybe it would be a good idea.
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