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LEAF 240/120V portable EVSE question

Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:10 pm

I recently noticed something surprising about the Nissan Model #296900 portable 240/120VAC EVSE that came with my 2018SV LEAF: its snap-on L1 adapter for tapping into a regular 120VAC household plug isn't fully mechanically keyed. It will attach in either of two ways; there is no control over whether the NEMA 14-50's ground and common connections get swapped or not. With all the fancy status lights on the EVSE, I would've expected all sorts of built-in fault checking features, to ensure it's plugged into a good outlet before charging can commence. How can it not care whether ground and common are swapped??? The only thing I can guess is that there's no connection at all to either of those lines. But if there is no connection, what would keep the metal skin of the car from being elevated to mains potential if one of the J1772 hot leads came adrift and shorted to chassis?? Have I gone full Emily Litella here?

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Re: LEAF 240/120V portable EVSE question

Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:35 pm

It looks for a ground present at both since they both end up there so it does not matter as they both go to ground.

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Re: LEAF 240/120V portable EVSE question

Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:02 am

The ground and neutral are bonded at the main panel so there is no way for simple electronics tell the difference.
The car gets grounded through the j1772 ground prong.
If there was a fault that tries to cause the body of the car to raise to mains voltage the ground prong senses current flow on the cars ground wire and will cause the evse to kill power.
Is going to get you.

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