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Re: Bluetooth improvements

Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:18 pm

GetOffYourGas wrote:
knightmb wrote:
GetOffYourGas wrote:One improvement I really wish Nissan would make is to auto-connect to more than one phone. My wife and I exchange the Leaf back and forth, depending on who is going farther that day. The car auto-connects to the most recently used phone. This means it's a constant battle to connect it to my own phone when my wife is not in the car with me. It saves all the information, but simply gives up when it cannot connect to her phone.
That's not how it works in mine. It always connects to either my phone or the wife phone, depends on which is in the vehicle when started. If both are in the car, it connects to the wife phone since her phone was the last one added after mine.
Interesting. What year is your car? Mine is a 2012. Maybe Nissan actually improved something? :shock:
Yeah, it is the trim difference, I see this now.

I have two Leafs now, one is a 2013 S, the other is a 2013 SV. The S trim bluetooth is basic but works with automatically connecting to phones and the address book from your phone works with the Leaf. The SV trim on the other hand, bluetooth needs a lot of work. It does not automatically connect to phones saved in the pairing list, nor does it work with the phonebook from the phone. You have to manually connect any "different" paired phones from the last paired phone. There seems to be no way to make the phonebook work with the Leaf either.
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