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Solar wholesale recommendations

Fri Mar 06, 2020 9:32 am

11 years ago I had a small system installed.
It has gotten so cheap I'm going to add a second system. I plan to install it myself, and I'm working through my planning now. Micro inverter versus optimizer versus string inverter, sizing, layout, etc

For planning purposes I've been using pricing from wholesale solar, a well reviewed company in CA. Think they are near Shasta.
But I would be dumb not to shop around a little.

Any suggestions from other DIYers for whom they bought their system from?
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Re: Solar wholesale recommendations

Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:31 pm

I bought my huge used panels cheaper than dirt from santan solar in AZ.

The only down side to big utility sized panels is it kind of sucks to move them by your self and you can't get micro inverters for them.
But that's what makes them so cheap.

If shadows aren't a problem then you don't need micros or optimizers.
But if you have a leas than ideal location then go for them. Your cheapest option by far is
to use 3 and 4kw string inverters.

I bought a whole pallet and figured I would sell the left overs to hasten the payback, but all that showed me was that a lot of people who want solar/free power panels on Craigs list are broke and/or stupid.
I'll hold on to a few more then what I was planning on in dark storage. If a hail storm takes out my arrays I can throw the spares up there and get a little over bare minimum cut in voltage on one inverter.
Is going to get you.

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