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Re: Thinking of buying a Leaf with no SD card

Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:56 am

I bought a 2017 SL from Carvana which was delivered on Sep 20, 2018. It also had a missing SD card. Carvana told me to visit a Nissan dealer and have them charge it to their warranty company (SilverRock). No dealers wanted to do business with SilverRock. I just bought a SD card from a dealer and installed it myself. Cost me $125.76 in Ohio before tax.

Installing is easy. Insert card, turn on car, follow instructions.

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Re: Thinking of buying a Leaf with no SD card

Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:22 pm

I see this post has some great answers. I was wondering if I buy one of these SD cards off of eBay if they would work or if there is an easy way to hack the system. My dealer (Nissan but might as well be drug with the prices they charge lol this was just a joke calm down) wants $450 for the SD card and says it will take around 4-5 weeks (as mentioned previously in this post). I refuse to pay for this over charging scam. If I have to pay $450 for a SD card it better damn well be delivered by a hot chick in a biki.....oh nevermind....anyway so.
For the record, I've been driving my leaf for a long time without a card in either slot. EVERYTHING WORKS but the car stereo or navigation and i'm sure there is others but the rear back up camera works, the air conditioning works, it drives fine, reverse, forward, eco mode. Park works, parking brake works, heating works. For the stereo and navagation I just use my cell phone. It only get's around 50-70 miles on the battery but for my purpose of going to work in back, it has been just find and I can also run 110 cord out from my office if I need to charge it more.
For the price I paid and the gas I've's 100% been worth it.

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