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Re: Looking at a 2013 Leaf

Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:50 pm

Ingroundeffect wrote:I have looked at a couple of 2015 SL Certified Nissan Leafs. After looking at what the "Certified Pre Owned" Nissan program covers makes me believe that it is a complete joke of a program for the Leaf. It covers NOTHING for the car. Does not cover the battery or any of the important drive parts.
Correct that the CPO program doesn't extend the battery in any way but it does extend the EV system/powertrain warranty.

See ... es-program.

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Re: Looking at a 2013 Leaf

Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:53 pm

Lothsahn wrote:
Reddy wrote:
Ingroundeffect wrote:Most every car i am looking at will be in the oklahoma, texas, kansas area. General summer temps in the 90’s. We have not had many scorchers the last 5 years above 100 for more than a day or 2.
Just keep checking. Once a dealership has had the same car for a few months, they'll get wise. Let them know that you read the monthly auction values and know EXACTLY what they paid. No dealer will get less than $3000 profit on a used Leaf right now. The used values have actually gone up slightly. Come December, I would expect many dealerships will be more interested in dealing.

Unfortunately, in OK you should definitely expect significant battery degradation in 3-5 years for a Leaf. You might be better off paying more for a used Volt with a battery temperature control. It really depends on your personal situation, driving needs, etc.
Reddy, how do you see the local auction values?
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Re: Looking at a 2013 Leafj

Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:47 am

Well, looks like i wont be buying a leaf after all. My brother just bought a Tesla Model 3 performance and is going to “give” me his 2013 Volt. While the volt does not exactly meet my neeed to have 5 seats it is really hard to beat the price. Plus i can drive it back without stopping every 1.5 hours to charge for 4 hours or more.

I have not ruled out getting a leaf in the future but it is no longer in the cards. Thank you all for the responses in the short time i was here and plan to keep reading posts to keep up with what is happening in the leaf world.

Oh, and they finally reopened Riverside Drive in Tulsa that was closed for 3 years to build a park. I am now taking that to and from work and my driving speed has gine from 70-80 mph down to 40-60, much more suited to electic cars. Hoping to never have to use the gas engine in the Volt for daily commuting.

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