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Re: Volt is the most connected car on the planet: True or False?

Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:13 am

It seems like the EVSE could know quite a bit more than that, Gary. It could know how much current the car is pulling, and how long it has been pulling that, and if that draw has remained constant since it was connected, or if it has tapered off, and how long it has been since it dropped to a lower level or, if it is dropping continuously, how long it will be until it drops to zero. Those could provide some pretty good hints as to when it would be available again.

But Nissan's system isn't going to be running the EVSE, is it? At least I would hope that we could get information about charging points no matter who is running them. This implies some sort of centralized data exchange accessible from each manufacturer's system. So at least in an ideal world, an EVSE might report in:
"Hello, I am a level 2 EVSE at geo-coordinates xxx,yyy and was just plugged in at 14:21:36."
Meanwhile, a car could report in:
"Hello, I am a Nissan Leaf at geo-coordinates xxx,yyy and was just plugged in at 14:21:36. My current battery state of charge is down 7.8kWh with a predicted time of 3.05 hours to recharge completely."

Now how much information could you get, at least in theory, about when a charging station is likely to be available?
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Re: Volt is the most connected car on the planet: True or False?

Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:47 am

If the car participates in the info-gathering, and calculates (and "reports") enough info, one could know a good estimate of the SOC and projected occupancy.

Assuming L2 charges at a constant rate for perhaps 7 hours, only the "tapering off" would be useful. L3 stations will be occupied for a much shorter time, but it is only possible to determine the possible "waiting line" length if the car (and driver) help with reporting that "waiting" intel.
However, many EVs will not participate at all, and some not after their free subscription runs out.

Yes, a lot of combining of databases would make a VERY useful system.

I will need to know all the L3 locations, and their working/broken/locked status before I begin the 1100 mile trip to Seattle. Just the "nearby" locations (within my driving range) will not be sufficient "intel".
See SOC/GID-Meter and CAN-Do Info
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