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New member
Oct 1, 2021
Hello to all.
I am from Slovenia (EU) and have been member here for a while but this is my first post.
From beginning of June, my leaf does not connect to any online services. I can not read battery status from Nissan EV app, can not start remote climate control... Also when trying to connect to services on car main unit (update stations, update channel list...) it returns message: "The connection to the centre failed"
In the right top corner I have icon of car with 3 blue bars (signal).
So, my thoughts at first were that maybe Nissan services are down. But then after few days still not working I contacted Nissan support. They suggested few things I can try but no improvement. So conclusion from their side is that problem is in the car and I should take it to dealer.
I have some doubts. Since on display there is an icon of car with blue bars, should mean that TCU is working and car has cellular signal.
It is strange to me that problem started on beginning of month, so I thought that maybe Nissan stopped some services but are not telling me.
Could be possible that cellular providers are somehow blocking connections (for what ever reason)?
Anyone with similar experiences or knowledge what could be the problem?
I cannot help you for Europe, but I can no longer get status or start climate control through the Nissan web site in the USA using my computer. The EV Connect application works on my iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest version of the app. I get a "cannot connect error" whenever Nissan updates the app until I install the update on my phone.